Honeymoon Fund —

Thank you for all of your love and support! We're so excited you're sharing in our special day. Luckily we already have almost everything we need for our home, but we are planning our dream honeymoon, and first tropical vacation together! So please enjoy browsing this list, where you can contribute to our honeymoon, and help make it extra special!

This honeymoon fund uses Paypal. Don't have a Paypal account? Good news! You don't need one. Simply click the item you want to give and then on the next page select the link under the title "Don't have a Paypal Account?" See, simple right?

Your Choice

Tell us what you'd do!


Cruise through the Mediterranean


Airline Tickets

Our flights to our dream honeymoon and back


Santorini Volcano Adventure and Cruise

An awesome cruise to a volcano. How totally rad.


Spa Massage for Two

We'll experience total tranquility at the spa after the wedding


Catamaran Sunset Cruise


Scuba Diving

We'll enjoy the marine life and pass coral reefs and shipwrecks



We'll eat delicious meals and make up for all the healthy eating and dieting leading up to the wedding


Room Service

We'll enjoy lazy morning breakfasts in bed


Room Upgrade

Upgrade to a room with a balcony


Jet Skis



Walking Tour

See the sights and experience some Mediterranean culture


Spa Facial

Refresh and relax



Help us pick up something special to remember the trip



We'll drink and be merry